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Social Media losing its credibility

The number of users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various other Social sites over the past few years have been relatively increased but in contrast to it, the number of users who still believe in its ethnicity have tremendously decreased Social media was once believed and accepted. This trust brought a wave of protest in the Arab world and as a rewet, many states had to change the Government contrary to it now, Social Media has lost its credibility.

A British Survey confirms that the time of social media has passed when people blindly believed its every word Now only one-fourth Britishers trust social Media.

This means that only one out of four people think of social media as an efficient source of staying updated the remaining three are partially or completely dubious about its ethnicity.

Survey also reveals that people are once again relying upon traditional sources of communication e.g. newspaper and news channels for reliable content.

Apart from fake scandals and propaganda's the social media is also being criticized for its negative impact on children Amy Orben, Social media psychologist at Oxford University, says that social media companies are facing circumstance's which traditioned sources of communication had to go through in early ages.

People are keenly interested in new technology but the interest fades away with the passage of time. 

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